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Paternity means legal fatherhood.  If parties are unmarried when a child is born, paternity must be established.  A paternity action is a legal process whereby the Court determines the legal father of a child.  At Socci & Nieves Family Law Group, we can assist you in establishing paternity and/or disputing a claim of paternity.

Understanding Paternity Suit

Who can file?

Either parent or the child can ask the Court to determine the paternity of a child.

Reason for filing?

There are many reasons a party may wish to establish paternity of a child including, but not limited to, so that the child grows up knowing the identity of both their parents and having a relationship with each parent, for health reasons, for financial support of the child, and for establishing benefits for the child (for example, health insurance for the child).

Where do you file?

You must file a Complaint for Paternity in the Probate and Family Court in the county where the child resides.

Establishing Paternity in Massachusetts

What is the process of determining paternity?

There are two ways to establish paternity of a child.  The first way is to sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Parentage Form in the hospital after the child is born.  The second way is to ask the Court to establish paternity.  

Defending a Paternity Action

How are suits defended and usually resolved?

Where an alleged father denies parentage of a child, the Court will typically order genetic testing to determine whether a party is the biological father of a child.

Role of Paternity Attorneys

What is the role of a paternity attorney?
  • The legal process of establishing and/or defending against a claim of paternity can be complex and confusing. Hiring a paternity attorney can establish and protect your parental rights or help in successfully refuting a claim of parentage where you are not the father of a child.
How does Socci & Nieves help clients establish paternity?
  • At Socci & Nieves Family Law Group we explain the paternity process to clients and counsel clients on their rights and protect those rights during the legal process. 

Benefits to Working with Socci & Nieves for Paternity

To help you establish your legal rights as a parent

To obtain custody and/or a parenting plan with your child

To avoid costly and/or permanent mistakes

To reduce stress that can be caused by the legal process

To be educated about your rights

Having the knowledge and experience of a skilled attorney by your side

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